Panic Switch

When you are alone with a potentially dangerous person, its best to stay as calm as possible. It’s a situation that no one should ever be in, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take necessary precautions. After all, the worst part for most people is to determine the appropriate response or action to take when it happens.

A panic alarm is usually triggered by pressing an electronic panic button. Also known as duress alarms, panic alarms could be bought separately or as part of a home security package, but the crucial thing to remember is where an alarm system could protect your property and loved ones while you are away from home, a panic alarm is extremely useful in protecting you when you are at home and in desperate need for help.

Where to place it are:

On your nightstand or the wall next to your bed

Underneath an office, reception or customer service officer’s desks

At the cashier’s counter

At security checkpoints

In rooms where valuables are stored

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