Active-108 Two Zones Activation Deactivation Through Key-Alarm System

30/60 Sec Delay Time Setting

Daily Alert

Day/Night Mode Arming

One Delay Zone, One Immediate Zone

Led Indicators For Individual Zone Status

Two Sirens With Tamper Provision

Modified Siren Out Timing For Short & Long

Built In Battery Backup Provision

Low Battery/Reverse Battery Indicators

Resettable Fuse

Control Panel Door Tamper

Micro-Controller Based System


The ATSS Hard Wired Burglar Alarm System – Active 108 Consists of 2 Zones ( 1 Immediate ,1 Time Delay Zone ) ,1 Panic Zone , 2 Siren With Tamper Provisions, Control Panel Tamper. Activation & Deactivation of the system is done through Key. The System has two modes of operation (Day/Night).

Max Power Consumption 36 Watts
AC Main Supply 220-240 V AC /50 Hz
Transformer-Step down 230 V AC/50 Hz(Pri) | 18 V AC/2A(Sec)
BATTERY Battery is full recommended
Battery type Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
Max Recharging Voltage-Input 13.7 V DC
Max Voltage/Current ratings 12 V DC/7 AH
Zone Response Time < 500 Millisecond
Zone Loop Resistance < 1kilo Ohm For Normally Closed
Max Output Voltage/Current for Sensor Supply 12 V/500 MA
Max Output Voltage/Current for Siren Supply 12 V/750 MA
Max Length of Sensor Cable (multi core cable) 150 m (Depends on cable resistance)
Max Length of Siren Cable (multi core cable) 75 m (Depends on cable resistance)
Max Output Voltage/Current AC 240 V/5 A
Environment Residential/ Commercial/ Light Industrial
Max Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature 0° C To 45° C
Storage Temperature -20° C~+60° C
Colour Grey Coloured Mental Box
Control Panel Dimensions(mm) (H X W X L)=240*90*240
Weight 2.9kg

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