Active-LD 2 Trigger and 3 Modes of Option with 32 Bits LCD Display-Landline Dialer

2 Trigger Available NO,NC (Normally Open/Close)

On Board Keypad With 32 Bit LCD

Arm/Disarm Through Password

Changeable User Password

Trigger Can Be Switched In 3 Modes Of Operation

Instant Call/Sms Alert For Trigger Open

Individual Voice Available For Both Trigger

External Relay For Trigger Mode

20 Sec Recording Time For Individual Voice Message

Memory Available To Store 10 Phone Numbers

Recorded Message Playback Speaker Provision Available

Both Dialling Modes Can Be Used (Pulse/Tone)

Control Panel Door Tamper Available

Used For Both Intrusion And Fire Alarm Panel

Micro-Controller Based System


The Active LD is a telephone Based Alarm dialer; which Dials up to the Stored Numbers using the Landline Connection – Informing about the Event When the device is triggered. The System Consists of LCD Display with Keypad, 2 Triggers.

Maximum Power Consumption 24 Watts
DC/AC Main Supply 12-24 V/1 amps
Minimum Phone Line Voltage 60-65 V
Zone Response Time < 500 Millisecond
Zone Loop Resistance < 1kilo Ohm For Normally Closed
Max Output Voltage/Current For Trigger Supply 12 V/500MA
Max Length of Trigger Cable (multi core cable) 150 m (Depends on cable resistance)
Max Voltage/Current ratings AC 240 V/5 A
Environment Residential/ Commercial/ Light Industrial
Max Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature 0° C To 45° C
Storage Temperature -20° C~+60° C
Colour Grey Coloured Metal Box
Control Panel Dimensions(mm) (H X W X L)=145*45*115
Weight 550g

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