You want to install a Burglar alarm?

Installation consists of

One Control Panel-You select as per your requirement.

Recessed Mount Sensor- Based on your no of doors or windows to be protected.

Two Hooters -If one hooter is disconnected by burglar other hooter will immediately raise an alarm.

One Panic Switch-In the case of Emergency or anybody threatening through your window you press it.

Battery -Burglar alarm will work upto min of 12 hrs in case of power failure.

Wiring -Charges Per Meter.


PIR-Burglar alarm will works if the burglar opens the door in case he is entering breaking your wall. If you think we want to protect in that case also you go for PIR

Auto Dialer-If you are away from your place are most of the time you are away better install autodialer.

Shutter Sensor-If you are having a Shutter in your commercial place the Shutter Sensor Used.

Our Surveyors need to visit your property only to assess the design of the alarm system that will best fit your needs and give you a competitive quote - not to try and make a sale there and then. We work hard to maintain our high reputation and this is evident by the fact that a lot of our sales come from other customers’ recommendations.

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions on Security Alarm Systems :

Can I extend my warranty?

Yes. ATSS offers a special Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan (QSP) which will cover the repair and replacement costs of the equipment. To get the Quality Service Plan for your ATSS system, Call 98408 46666.

A motion detector may activate falsely due to improper installation of the device above a heater or furnace. Movement of objects such as balloons, blinds, and curtains within the range of a motion detector may also trigger alarm activation. The motion detector may require relocation or adjustment by an ATSS technician.

Yes, and we always advise you do. We can program the system to include only those areas of the premises that you want protected and exclude others for the 'night' setting. It is more disturbing to be burgled when you are asleep that when you are out of the house!

In general most alarms will work in the event of a power failure. All ATSS alarm control panels incorporate a standby battery which will power the system in the event of a mains electricity failure. The industry standard is for the battery to power the system for a min of 8 hours. If the system is armed and there is a power failure the standby battery will hold the alarm in its current status until the power is restored or a activation is detected. Some commercial systems will not allow the system to be armed in the event of a mains electricity failure.

All our alarms are guaranteed for the first year following installation – that includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship. We also offer an extended warranty if you wish in the form of a Fully Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement.

A user code is a individual PIN (personal identification number) allocated to the alarm system. this is primarily used to arm and disarm the alarm system. Certain user codes can be of a higher importance, thus the alarm system allows certain user codes to have the ability to carry other system procedures i.e. changing codes, omitting zones, arming different areas. Most systems offer the facility to program more than one user code.

Whenever you re-enter the house, the home burglar alarm system will bleep at you. Just enter the code and it switches off.

The alarm will only ring for a pre-programmed length of time before silencing and re-arming itself. If you are there and everything is secure you just enter your code to stop it.

Yes. All batteries are rechargeable and have a life-expectancy of 1 year. Every Year You wants to change it.

Yes, as long as we’re happy that we’d be installing a system that provides proper protection.

In the majority of home alarm cases, a day. A larger installation may go over into a second day.

Yes. By adding an optional ‘Speech Dialer’ to the system, will in the event of an activation, call your own choice of four numbers (even your mobile) and keep calling them in rotation until it gets a response.

Yes, 12 months for all parts and labour.

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